Problem Solving Through Programming
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Our Mission

Help school students interact with Computer Science through solving real life problems that encourage critical thinking.

School Students

We are committed to provide Computer Science education to school students regardless of their socioeconomic status.
We believe that Science is for All.

Computer Science

In a world where technology is moving faster than ever, Computer Science skills are becoming the difference between being a consumer and being a producer.

Critical Thinking

We do not expect all our students to study Computer Science, but we want them to think logically and critically when they are solving problems in their respective fields of interest.


2 offerings - More than 5 years of experience

Intro to CS
Scratch 1
Scratch 2
Problem Solving

Our Story

Our journey to provide Science for All

Our Brilliant Team

Our volunteers and instructors are past and active ACM contestants; national champions, regional winners, and world finalists, in addition to others who are experienced in their relative areas. We take high care in choosing our instructors and volunteers, as they reflect our standards and professionalism.

Contact Us

For questions or feedback, reach out to us by email at codabilityinit@gmail.com or send us a message on any of our social media accounts.